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From the moment you book a reservation to the moment our four legged guests leave, Preiser’s Pet Care Staff’s main concern is your pet. The staff here has sought innovations outside the traditional kennel industry to provide our guests with the highest level of quality and service. The result of this is a degree of personal care and service that exceeds expectations and provides you with peace of mind. We offer your pet a friendly and nurturing environment with indoor/outdoor runs. Fun events are also available for your pet’s enjoyment with the option of one-on-one special playtime.

Our boarding kennel provides an environment designed around the idea of assuring your dog feels like a part of our family. We have consistently achieved widespread distinction to our unique approach to caring for your dog while you are away. Everyone of our staff strives to ensure that your dog will feel secure, comfortable and loved here as he does at home.

Please feel free to bring your pet’s own food and toys to help make their transition easier. We do provide bowls, leashes, bedding and food for your convenience.

Distinct Advantages

The most common problems that will “stress-out” the dog are confinement, lack of cleanliness, noise and insecurity. To help alleviate these potential problems, our kennel is located in a non residential area, we actually back up to the forest preserve, that offers as much of a natural outdoor setting as possible.

We provide a very large personal environment for your pet, and we keep these environments impeccably clean, disinfecting each and every run and all interior and exterior surfaces daily to maintain this cleanliness.

Each dog enjoys the comfort of a separate sleeping space, and exterior outdoor play area.

Our staff understands the importance of giving your dog plenty of daily exercise. A boarding team member will walk each and every patient 1-2 times daily (depending on weather and conditions).

So do not be surprised if your dog is eager and excited each time you leave him with us, we want your dog to have a good time so that you can have a good time while you are away. For your dog’s health, State Law requires your pet to be current on vaccinations for Rabies; for your protection, and the protection of your pet it is also our kennel policy for your dog to be current on DHLPP (Distemper, Lepto Vaccine and Bordetella).

We would love to show you our facility and encourage you to call ahead to visit our kennels.

Our facilities fill up quickly during holidays, so make certain to book your reservation early.

For Additional Boarding Information, please call our Client Service Representatives and we’d be happy to answer any questions :


See the boarding fee schedule at the bottom of this page.

Microchip Placement

Highly recommended (and encouraged) by our veterinarians, the AVID microchip identification system provides a means of permanent identification for your beloved pet.  The AVID retrieval system involves a quick, simple procedure of injecting a tiny microchip, the size of a grain of rice, under the skin between the shoulder blades of your dog or cat.  Each chip is coded with a special 10-digit code registered with the PETtrac which is a globalized computer tracking system.  If your pet ever gets lost, one quick scan will identify who the pet belongs to will be returned to you quicker than any other way!  Preiser Animal Hospital is currently only charging $65 for this service so call our office now and schedule an appointment to have your pet microchipped today or request that this be done the next time you board your animal with us (847) 641-2161.  For more information about the AVID microchip identification system go to


Cat – Standard – $25/night
Dog – Standard – $30/night
Ferrets/Rabbits/Guinea Pigs – $12
Diabetic animals (regardless of size) – $45
If animal requires medication to be given – $35/night
Senior Boarding (Over 7yrs age) – $35/night


Request an appointment online!


Request an appointment online!



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