We have had 4 decades of experience with Preiser Animal Hospital; going back to when Herb Preiser was the chief MD, and now with the practice in the capable hands of his daughter, Kristine. Through eight dogs, ten cats, multiple procedures, cancer battles, kittens, spayings, neuterings, emergencies, allergy shots, you name it, we have the utmost confidence in the care and professionalism of Dr. Preiser and her staff. Kent M.

Walk in or Apt. They are very nice and reasonably priced. Also next door is Heartland animal no kill shelter you can always kill some time looking for new pets as well. Dexter S.

Best place to bring you pet! Lots of love and care Leah H.

I have been bringing my cats there for many years. They are the most caring people I have ever met. I also feel that they are highly competent in their care of the animals and I do trust them to take excellent care of mine. Sharon G.

We’ve been going here for 27 years. They are quick, incredibly knowledgeable, and kind. All of the Vets are excellent! Stephanie D.

A very friendly and inviting office with a staff that is very attentive and caring. Giancarlo T.

Excellent boarding. Family atmosphere. All staff very caring for my dog. Jean L.

This is a great place for all your pets needs. Always there for my dogs. I live in Chicago and I don’t mind going all the way over there…. Elsy S.

Really wonderful staff and care Paul W.

Excellent service, caring staff Mark P.

The staff are so compassionate! The vets really want to help your animals and you. Rosemary R.

Love Dr. Preiser. She has been taking care of our animals so well. Anie T.

They have been taking excellent care of my pets for the last 22 years. Kind and compassionate, costs are manageable unlike some other vets in the area. Daun C.

ALWAYS takes great care of my cat. Good staff. Average prices. Joe S.

We rescued our dog next door at Heartland and they’ve been the primary caregivers since then. We trust them wholeheartedly and every experience there is great. Nick G.

I just had to put our dog down. The staff here was extremely kind, understanding and respectful to our feelings. I have used them in the past for general pet care needs and received the same service. I would recommend them for anyone that is in need of veterinarian services. Steven F.

Most caring staff I’ve encountered. Charles R.

I have been using Preiser animal hospital for at least 30 years with multiple animals.Dr. Herbert Preiser has left the place in very capable hands The staff are exceptional and very caring. Brought my St. Bernard in with a case of bloat. Dr, Becker diagnosed it very quickly and Rocky had the surgery that day probably saving his life. She also called all week to check on her big boy patient all week. He is doing great and the procedure should prevent it from happening again. Thank you Dr. Becker and staff!! Jay L.

Great doctors and great prices. We are thrilled with how good the hospital is and how low the prices are. Really glad we heard about this place. Peter L.

I brought my dog here after we adopted him from Heartland Animal Shelter, because we were offered a free exam. After that first visit, we started coming here with our other dog and two cats. We had been going to another vet closer to our home, but coming to Presier was worth driving a little farther.

The staff is great! Everyone is knowledgeable and so caring. In addition to great care, I have found that the fees were comparable to what I had been paying – and often less than at other practices.

I also love that this is a walk-in clinic. Other vets, I’ve gone to in the past required appointments – and I still wound up waiting to see the doctor for 20-30 minutes.

I wouldn’t want to bring my pets anywhere else! Anita V.

They are so caring and are so much less expensive than the other places around the North Shore. Brian B.

We took our cat there for two procedures last week and have experienced a very scary outcome…..The cat came home with a mangled paw and bleeding in areas where there were no procedures. we were notified that the cat needed to stay over 3 nights because of unforeseen complications. We were not worried because we had gone to this vet on several occasions. That cat was mangled in one paw when we picked him up. When we called to speak with Dr. Preiser, she did not return our calls. I am calling all the agencies that govern vets in the county and state to get answers, but I am appalled at the cruel treatment of our pet. John Y.

Very friendly vets and staff! Greer H.

My lab Parker was my first “Preiser Pet”; he saw Dr. Herbert Preiser and had great care by a caring doctor; now Brewster, my Great Pyrenees visits Dr. Kristine Preiser and the great staff. Since Brewster has some chronic health problems, he’s been a frequent visitor. Not only has he gotten great care, but the staff has always come up with new treatment options, and healthy ideas–I really prefer natural health for me, and have found the treatments at Preiser, whether traditional or alternative, have been just the right treatment for Brewster.

I would highly recommend the laser treatment for chronic ear infections! Brewster has an inflamed canal that makes the healing process tough, and the laser treatments from Jaimie had a huge affection on his infection and of course his pain level. Susan R.

We have been coming to Preiser Animal Hospital for years now, and I can say first hand that if you are looking for an animal hospital to take care of your pet, this is the best you can get. The entire staff is warm and friendly, almost like a family experience.

Dr. Kristine Preiser has taken care of both our pets needs, Natasha, and Sir Brando. She is thorough and probably one of the best vets in this area.

Our animals adore her, and early this year we had to put down our beloved Natasha, a female Seal Point Siamese of 21 years, which was very hard on our family, but Dr. Preiser exhausted all other options before we had to say goodbye to our beloved Natasha.

If it was not for her, and the entire staff at the hospital we do not know what we would have done. Two days after we had to say goodbye to Natasha, we received a card from the staff at Preiser Animal Hospital, and a cast of her paw print for us to hold and keep forever to remember her. This shows you how much the staff there cares, and you can rest assure that you are taking your pet to the best possible animal hospital in Illinois. Larry S.

We started with Preisers’ about 5 years ago after getting 2 shepherd puppies there. Both Murphy and Riley have received the best in care and kindness with the staff. We increased our family with a crazy orange kitty named Cheddar from there also. My daughter and son have since adopted Bones, Chowder and Chocolate. Through the years there’s been sickness, tumor, teeth pulled, and even a pancreas isssue and the Preiser staff have always been helpful and professional and treat us like family. We appreciate everything they’ve done for us. Chris H.

My family has been going to Preiser Animal Hospital for the last 45+ years. I always refer this animal hospital to everyone,….including my clients. *I’m a dog walker/pet sitter.* The entire staff is very knowledgeable, affectionate, caring, loving, nurturing, etc. When it is time to say goodbye to our beloved pets, they are THE MOST sensitive veterinarian to go to. They are so supportive emotionally; empathetic, sympathetic, and truly mourn/feel your loss. They provide the best quality care, at rather affordable prices, as well! They try to keep the environment as soothing & relaxing as possible for your fur-babies too. I HIGHLY recommend this hospital. Anne C.

Family owned and operated for years. Cared for my dogs for 25. By Dr. Preiser and now Handed down to his Daughter who is an excellent and caring veterinarian with a great staff. Glenn B.

My family has been going to Preiser Animal Hospital for the last 45+ years. I always refer to this animal hospital to everyone….including my clients. *I’m a dog walker/pet sitter.* The entire staff is very knowledgeable, affectionate, caring, loving, nurturing, etc. When it is time to say goodbye to our beloved pets, they are THE MOST sensitive veterinarian to go to. They are so supportive emotionally,¬†empathetic, sympathetic, and truly mourn/feel your loss. They provide the best quality care, at rather affordable prices, as well! They try to keep the environment as soothing & relaxing as possible for your fur-babies too. I HIGHLY recommend this hospital. Anne Marie C.

Best Vet EVER. Staff is terrific! Very knowledgeable, eager to help. Mary B.

Been coming here for years wouldn’t go anywhere else. Not only are they great with dogs and cats but also ferrite and other furry and slithery friends. Plus they have A great groomer, shop, training, and you can even find your new best friend in there adoption center plus they do boarding as well. Harley R.

They are caring and compassionate especially when someone has lost their furbaby. Stacie S.

Misha and Marshmallow get the best care at Preiser’s. Carolyn H.

Absolutely love this hospital. They took amazing care of our first dog during her final months, and now our new four legged baby comes here (we rescued her from the shelter next door). She always gets so much attention and rubs from the staff, that she’s starting to think this is a playground, not a vet’s office. Dr. Priser is amazing and wish there were more people like her around. Maria G.

This is the best facility for your furry friends. All my dogs are very happy to have great doctors, caring and compassionate, knowledgeable. Also fantastic is medical and administrative personnel. I’ve been the customer for over seventeen years! Jo Anna R.

Friendly, informative and professional care when I brought in my cat. I could tell by the way she interacted with my cat that the vet obviously loves animals. Gina C.

The staff is very knowledgeable and so friendly. I was very worried about leaving my fur baby overnight. They let me bring in his bed and blanket and homemade food so he was a lot more comfortable. Great experience considering my dog was very ill. Veronica P.

Very attentive and caring office. They take great care of our girls. Kevin N.

Wonderful doctors Amy N.

These Doctors and their staff deliver excellent TLC for my dogs and treat them as they were their own. It was a year since Dr. Preiser had seen Cosmo my pug and greeted him by name in the lobby. Now that’s professionalism and treating us like friends and family, just like her Dad did. Maria H.

Always super friendly and knowledgeable Jason W.

Extremely happy with any/all dealings I have had for 8 years. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Robert D.

Best vet around. They actually care about the animals here. Rhonda R.

Have been coming here for years, my dogs always receive great care. The lead vet Kristine Preiser is always great to deal with, very informative, and great customer service skills. I have owned two GSP’s and brought them here from the beginning, the dogs always had outstanding health and I must credit Preiser Animal Hospital for that. I would highly suggest bringing your animals here. Keep up the great work! Will S.

It’s a great place to bring your animals. Been coming here for over 35 years and 6 dogs later still coming. Family has adopted a couple of dogs from heartland too!! Cindy P.

Best vet and team ever. I will never take my animals anywhere else. Kristen C.

Preiser Animal Hospital is the only place I take my dog! The vets and staff are so attentive and caring! They also have reasonable prices. Marley L.

Amazing staff Stacey L.

Last year we adopted a very sweet dog from Heartland Animal Shelter, Northbrook. We received a coupon for a free wellness exam from Preiser Animal Hospital. We took advantage of it and took our new doggie there. I was very impressed. I wouldn’t take our doggie anywhere else. I know that she will receive the best of care there. The staff is very knowledgeable, professional and pleasant. Maria R.

My husband and I have been coming to Preiser Animal Hospital for the last 4 years. Our journey first began with Roxie, our black and tan daschund. We first saw Dr. Becker, who always remembers us bringing Roxie into the office in her own carrying bag. The staff was always welcoming and wonderful with our family and always answered any questions we had. About 1 1/2 years later, we continued our journey with Roger, our fawn daschund. Again, the staff was fantastic with him (and us)! Then shortly after getting Roger, we noticed Roxie losing weight and not acting her normal playful self. After numerous tests, pokes, and office visits, Dr. Preiser finally helped figure out what was going on. From then on, we made even more visits for shots and weight checks. The staff still continued to be respectful, patient, and very kind and loving to our sweet Roxie. After 2 years of battling her illness, we are so sad to say Roxie has passed on and is in a better place no longer suffering. My husband and I had to make the most awful (but the best for her) decision to put her to sleep this week. AGAIN, the staff at Preiser Animal Hospital were so kind and caring to our Roxie and our family. As difficult as a decision it was to make, we were comforted knowing she was in the BEST hands during this sad time. We will continue to bring Roger to Preiser Animal Hospital and hope that we can all laugh and remember all the happy times with our little Roxie. We want to thank all the doctors and staff members and we will continue to refer anyone we know who has animals to Preiser Animal Hospital.

THANK YOU AGAIN!! Sarah, Dustin & Roger H.

I find Preiser Animal Hospital’s DVM’s and support staff very giving, caring and professional. This is where Chaucer’s home was 5 years ago.

The head vet tech, Jamie, is always very professional, well informed about Chaucer’s medical behavior issues and is always pleasant and caring. All in all this is the most caring competent and giving vet hospital I have had a pet treated at. I am grateful to Dr. Kristine Preiser and Dr. Herbert Preiser, who started Heartland Animal Shelter and the animal hospital, which shows his concern over and over again for all animals and his “magic healing powers”. Joyce A.

The Preiser Family Veterinarians have been caring for our family since the early 1980’s. As a newlywed couple, we were eager to have pets in our lives. Dr. Herb Preiser and now Dr. Kristine Preiser have cared for our family continuously. Nearly 30 years later, we are still so very lucky to have the compassionate and intuitive care of the Preiser Animal Hospital staff. They are, like family, with us in good times and in bad. We are lucky to have the Preiser Animal Hospital and Heartland Shelter to call our own. Kathy B.

Dr. Kristine Preiser is very gentle with the animals, and a second-generation first-rate vet! She’s patient & caring, and always makes time to listen to you. I’ve been going there for 26 years, & that speaks for itself. Nancy C.


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